Monday, November 30, 2009

Almond Rocher

Almond Rochers
Full of almond, cornflakes, rice bubbles and raisins with plain, orange or coffee flavouring.. makes a crunchy feeling..

Assorted Chocolates

Made from Imported chocolates with different flavours and different fillings.. makes you fell in love...

21st Birthday greeting card and a box of assorted chocolates

Friday, November 13, 2009

Choc Greeting Card

Be innovative in sending your greeting cards. Send your love ones and friends edible Chocolate greeting Cards. You can request for a customized greetings according to the occasion. There will be no extra charges. However, you need to send in your request one week in advance.

The Picture above is the back of the greeting card. I bet your friends and love one will enjoy the crunchy hazelnut and almond nut. You can also request for M&M, dry fruits and others too

So, wait no more... Start planning your Christmas Greeting Cards, Birthday Greetings Cards, New Year Greeting Cards and Chinese New Year Greetings Card with me now. You can reach me at 012 4089456 or email your request to